First visit

Your first visit to Swann Chiropractic will give you an opportunity to find out how chiropractic care can help you. Dr. Stephen Swann will do a thorough case history and examination to make sure that your condition can be helped through the natural healing of chiropractic adjustments.

Your initial visit will be a no-charge consultation. This will allow you to meet the doctor and the staff with no commitments attached. If Dr. Swann feels that you could benefit from chiropractic care, he will do a complete health history and examination. If you decide to move ahead with chiropractic care, treatment can begin immediately. In-house treatment such as spinal adjustment and conjunction with pulse electromagnetic field therapy. Other natural methods, such as physical rehabilitation or massage therapy may also be recommended.

If chiropractic care sounds right for you give us a call to set up your first appointment at 423-883-3300.

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