Mary & Laura

I hear the phrase “life-changing” so often in advertising now that I have tried to find a phrase that will describe my experience with chiropractic care in a more exact way. But life-changing is the only way I can explain it, because it literally changed my very quality of life.

Before I started treatment at Swann Chiropractic, the medical term for my condition was vertigo. My family physician was unable to find a cause for the vertigo, and told me it was probably viral and would resolve itself. I was prescribed a strong antihistamine and sent home. I waited for the dizziness to go away, but after six months I went back and begged my doctor to find the cause.

I was then sent to an ear, nose & throat specialist who told me I had Meniere’s disease, an incurable disease of the inner ear. The only hope was to disconnect my inner ear from my brain, then spend a lengthy time in physical rehab to learn how to walk again. I would also lose all hearing in that ear.

I went to see another ear, nose & throat specialist for a second opinion. He told me that he suspected I had Multiple Sclerosis instead, and I went for further testing. When testing ruled MS out, it was then concluded that I had Bell’s Palsy, and I was prescribed an oral steroid.

After I finished the round of steroids, however, the dizziness returned. This prevented me from driving on some days, and interfered with many other day-to-day activities. It was also a miserable existence. The vertigo was ever-present and I was unable to ignore it.

My husband first suggested that I try chiropractic care. I had been a patient at Swann Chiropractic for some neck pain a few years before, and we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try it. It certainly beat brain surgery.
Dr. Swann was very conservative in his diagnosis, but said that he was certain he could help. I began treatment immediately, and, thankfully, within three visits I was better than I had been in two years.

Now I am vertigo-free, and am definitely a proponent of chiropractic care. I have had two doctors tell me that it must have been a coincidence. I know better, and wonder why medical science is so afraid to look at chiropractic care as an alternative to invasive surgeries and medications with adverse side effects. Ironically, it was my vertigo that brought my daughter, Laura, to Swann Chiropractic. As a baby, Laura had chronic ear infections that kept her on a constant stream of antibiotics. By the time she was five, she had two sets of tubes, although the tubes did nothing to prevent the ear infections and the subsequent antibiotics from ravaging her system. Finally, after a round of antibiotic injections to treat an infection that was not responding to oral antibiotics, her pediatrician told me that there wasn’t anything else they could do to treat her ears. He referred my daughter to an ear, nose & throat specialist on a Friday, and I made an appointment for the following Wednesday.

Dr. Swann explained that pediatric chiropractic care is very effective in treating ear infections. My daughter was in constant pain, and I was ready to try anything. Now that I have seen the results, I can only kick myself for waiting five years to begin her chiropractic care.
By the time we went to the ENT that following Wednesday, she had no infection detectable in either of her ears. The tubes had fallen out, pushed out by the pressure of the infection. But her ears were clear, and the ENT said he didn’t understand why the pediatrician had referred her. I told the ENT about the care Laura was receiving at Swann Chiropractic, and he told me that it was a coincidence.

Yet another physician was ready to call it a coincidence, but my family knows better. My evidence is simple: Laura has not had a single ear infection since beginning chiropractic treatments. Even her pediatrician has agreed that it simply cannot be a coincidence.

I know it’s not a coincidence. It’s quality medical care that greatly improves the quality of life.

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