I came to Swann Chiropractic with back soreness. I was walking with a limp.  I could not stand without horrible pain. About a year ago, I jumped into a 4ft. pool. I landed on my feet hard. Instead of originally going to a Chiropractor for my pain, I tried to let it heal on it’s own. After quite some time I went to see a Chiropractor (not Dr. Swann) and the treatment did not help. All that other Chiropractor did was adjustments. I found Dr. Swann in an add. I decided immediately to make an appointment. Since I began treatment at Swann Chiropractic I am no longer sore. I can stand without pain. I can walk without any limp at all! Dr. Swann did more than just adjustments. He also does therapy. Dr. Swann and staff know what they are doing. They are friendly and sincere. If you have lower back pain, I suggest you go see Dr. Swann and staff at Swann Chiropractic. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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