Sports and Chiropractic go hand in hand

As a chiropractor and a lifelong “participant” in athletic activities, I have seen how proper form or lack thereof can make or break an experience. The quickest way to take the quality out of an event that you have worked for, is to get injured.  From cycling, to running and especially weight lifting, there is a wrong way and a right way to do things.

Chiropractic fits in with this philosophy. An aligned spine allows all other body parts to perform correctly. Running, or walking for that matter, with hips out of alignment leads to a compensated gait. This in turn can lead to injuries of the low back, hip, knee, foot and even the opposite shoulder.  Their are similar scenarios in all activities.  Cycling, swimming, power and Olympic lifting are just a few of the ones aided by proper spinal mechanics.    By incorporating proper alignment and reducing muscular imbalances an athlete can train and perform at their greatest output.

My greatest joy in treating active people, is to help them achieve their maximum potential.  From national champions to the newly active, resolving improper movement of the spine is an integral part of a fulfilling experience.

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